Will you trust COVID-19 Contact Tracing APP ?

COVID-19 Contact Tracing APP could be a big help, but only if people ‘OPT IN’ to use it!

There has been talk about that a new app could be ready to roll out within the next few days! It also could be particularly effective when work places fully resume to isolate any further outbreaks! As long as enough people are using it.

How will it work?

Bluetooth technology, which is a feature of most smartphones, to detect when devices are in close contact with each other. When the owner of a device with this app installed tests positive for COVID-19, this data may enable the contact tracing process to take place more efficiently and more quickly.

When will it launch?

A source close to the project told NS Tech last week that the app could be launched in a matter of weeks. But some reports suggest that it will now be released either just before or just after lockdown is lifted. The government is yet to announce when the current social distancing measures will be relaxed.

Would it be voluntary?

Early reports are suggesting that the app would be voluntary to download. However, it will only be effective at tracking and curbing the spread of coronavirus if at least 60 per cent of the population download it.

Will it be successful?

Supporters of the app maintain that it will be a useful way to track people who might be infected with coronavirus. Unlike other diseases like Sars and flu, people infected with coronavirus can be asymptomatic for a number of days before expressing symptoms, meaning they can come into contact with a number of people before feeling sick. Research has shown that people with symptoms are far more contagious, but 80 per cent of new cases are spread by people with less severe symptoms for this exact reason.

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