Their own legislation tells you NOBODY has to wear a mask

The government are relying on the blind obedience of the public brainwashed by the media to get people to comply.

Physical and mental conditions make you exempt. A bad knee makes you exempt.

Distress makes you exempt

That is EVERYBODY exempt then as everyone is distressed wearing a mask, be it mental or physical.

A face covering can just be your hand. Nowhere does it say wear a mask.

The ONLY people allowed to enforce this legislation are the police. No store manager or security guard can.

They have written this legislation and laughing at us for not adhering to it, instead manipulating corporations into subduing their customers, thus making the government blame free.

Start educating yourself and stop blindly following as this won’t be where it ends if we carry on believing the media.

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Wearing of Face Coverings in a Relevant Place) (England) Regulations 2020

  1. Introductory Text
  2. Collapse –PART 1 Introductory
    1. 1.Citation, commencement and application
    2. 2.Interpretation
  3. Collapse –PART 2 Relevant place: requirement to wear a face covering
    1. 3.Requirement to wear a face covering whilst entering or remaining within a relevant place
    2. 4.Reasonable excuse
  4. Collapse –PART 3 Enforcement
    1. 5.Enforcement of requirement to wear a face covering whilst entering or remaining within a relevant place
    2. 6.Offence and penalties
    3. 7.Fixed penalty notices
    4. 8.Prosecutions
    5. 9.Review
    6. 10.Expiry
  5. Signature
    1. Expand +SCHEDULE
  6. Explanatory Note
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