The uk vaccine network team is basically owned by the bill and melinda gates Foundation.

Bill and melinda gates foundation has made very large donations to the members of the UK Vaccine Network which is apparently made up of leading experts from academia, industry and policy. All thier members are invited to join the Network in a personal capacity, not as representatives of specific organisations or bodies.

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Chair of vaccine uk:
Chris Whitty, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department of Health and Social Care

  • 👉Members & donated amounts:
  • Adrian Hill ➡️ £10 million
  • Andrew Pollard ➡️ £39 million
  • Bryan Charleston ➡️ £5.5 million
  • Ceri Lyn-Adams ➡️ £4.4 million
  • Charlie Weller ➡️ funded fully by bill.
  • Charlotte Watts ➡️ £59 million
  • Chris Whitty ➡️ £31 million
  • Christian Schneider ➡️ funded by bill.
  • Eleanor Riley ➡️ £50 million
  • Fiona Tomley ➡️ funded by bill.
  • Gary Entrican ➡️ funded by bill.
  • Ian Hudson ➡️ £980,000
  • Jean Lang ➡️ funded by bill.
  • Jeffrey Almond ➡️ funded by bill
  • Joann Prior ➡️ funded by GSK.
  • Johan Van Hoof ➡️ recieved funding.
  • John Edmunds ➡️ recieved funding.
  • Jonathan Pearce ➡️ works with bill.
  • Julian Bonnerjea ➡️ funded by bill.
  • Mahesh Kumar ➡️ funded by bill.
  • Massimo Pamlarini ➡️ £3 million.
  • Mike Francis ➡️ funded by bill.
  • Miles Carroll ➡️ £1.1 million.
  • Neil Ferguson ➡️ funded by bill.
  • Nick Adkin ➡️ £80 million.
  • Paul Cosford ➡️ £1.1 million.
  • Peter Openshaw ➡️ partnership with bill.
  • Simon Foster ➡️ $400,000
  • Stephen Inglis ➡️ funded by bill.
  • Steve Chatfield ➡️ funded by bill.
  • Sue Middleton ➡️ works at & funded by GSK.
  • Tarit Mukhopadhyay ➡️ £100,000
  • Timothy Atkins ➡️ reports to bill.
  • Xiao-Ning Xu ➡️ funded by bill.

It turns out that, out of the 34 members, 32 were directly funded and has an on going financial relationship with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Vaccine Network operates through a series of working groups. Each group has a specific focus and they feedback their findings to the Network. A full list of contributors for each working group is listed at the bottom of this page.

Make no mistake what Bill Gates and GlaxoSmithKline are about to do, will be in the future seen as Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity. According to the United Nations own definitions they all ready fit the bill, no pun intended.

According to the Treason Act of 1351…it is treason for government officials to form conspiracies to usurp by force and in defiance of the authority of Parliament, the government of the Kingdom, to destroy its constitution and in so doing to destroy the Monarchy…holding consultations or entering into agreement, or advising, soliciting or persuading others for any such purposes, or assenting to such purposes…the moment the power of the government is usurped, the King is in affect deposed…

As for Chris Whitty, our Chief Medical Officer, and Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Advisor, they have committed treason by following the orders of a foreign power. In this case Bill Gates, GSK, and the World Health Organisation, which is controlled by China and funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The vaccine is to be sold at £477/per injection if Bill Gates and Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) aren’t stopped they stand to make from the UK alone in excess of £45 billion pounds.

It’s time to stop trusting the uk government, the full board of vaccines team are in bill hand, funded by him or charity donations from him under the bill and melinda gates charity name.

Now it’s time to remove your faith from the W.H.O and the uk vaccine board.

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  2. This virus was released deliberately if you don’t know that you have not been paying attention. See event 201 and all the other “pandemic exercises” in 2019 worldwide. China was the testing ground for the virus release. The globalists all work together. Scientists from the UK, China and USA collaborated. The globalists/bankers care not for national borders. They are holding the world to ransom now via huge loans. This is a bankers/corporate heist. Population reduction and control are here to stay – unless we can expose and unseat frontman Bill Gates and his cronies

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