Public Vote of No Confidence in PM Johnson

Boris Johnson must resign to enable competent and decisive action against Covid-19.

Please sign the petition here.

He must be immediately replaced by a group of MP’s who, unlike him, value human lives and are prepared to take decisive action based on the best, most successful international practices used in combating the pandemic.➡️ Politcians who are transparent, accountable and open with the media and willing to admit mistakes and ask for help from other nations.

Lives are being lost due to the incompetence and inaction of the current UK government.

The National Health Service has been wilfully undermined over the last ten years to the point of lives and wellbeing of the staff coming under a deadly threat in critical conditions. In pursuit of financial gain, this government has shown a detestable lack of reverence for human life.

Despite the general ‘revolving door’ arrangement between corrupt politicians and corporations, this government’s policy in regard of the economy shows a complete lack of understanding and a greed induced ineptitude.

Now the economy is spiralling into a meltdown because the government did not take early action to protect it’s citizens. Rather than a swift early intervention, the citizens were encouraged to carry on and ‘take it on the chin’.

Please sign the petition here.

This is beyond politics. Allow Mr. Johnson to step back to give the country a fighting chance with a clean sheet. Leavers, Remainers, we all deserve better.

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