NHS England Fake Data And Speech.

Here in the UK as in the USA we have daily updates on the current situation but the inexcusable use of “slight of mouth” and mind does nothing for the credibility of either government or media.

The constant barrage of misinformation by organizations that should know better is now becoming more and more obvious to a public that is starting to see another side, because those entrusted to deliver accurate information, the sources we are being asked to trust are failing in their task to do so.

In this episode, I give you a small example of exactly how this is done and call upon the UK government to correct this gross misuse of language and bring to task those outlets that deliberately change the narrative to sensationalize the situation, which does nothing to calm an already fearful situation.

This is NOT a rant, this is data-driven information that demonstrates the gross neglect of the UK government in their duty to be transparent and truthful when giving these daily updates.

NHS LINK: https://www.england.nhs.uk/statistics…

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