Masked Man is Delivering Free Weed to NHS Staff & Key Workers.

Beat maker + rule breaker, modern Robin Hood, the realest; his is how ‘Outlaw’ describes himself on this Instagram, an account with more than 44k followers, that seems to be increasing by the hour.

You’ve probably read about Outlaw before in one of the many articles he’s featured in over the past year. Last summer wearing his signature black balaclava, he pitched up a roller banner in Piccadilly Gardens promoting ‘FREE BUD’ where he gave out £800 worth of cannabis.

In December he was arrested for handing out £10 notes inside Christmas cards to rough sleepers, and more recently he’s been driving around in a van delivering essential packs of hand sanitiser, toilet roll and weed to people in lockdown.

We caught up with the masked activist to discover he’s now extending his free weed pack service to NHS staff and key workers; we found out why he’s doing it and why the Police haven’t fully felt his collar yet…

How much longer will you be doing these deliveries?
I’ll be doing a few more in lockdown and then we’re stepping up the game. 

Keep an eye on his socials!

What changes do you think we’ll see in society as a result of the lockdown?
Well obviously a couple of laws have been changed, I wonder when they’ll get changed back! I would like to see the hygiene measures continued though like cleaning supermarket trolleys. Big changes with the peoples trust in the government too, you can see people getting more and more angry with different politicians and government organisations each day.

What are your plans post COVID-19?
I was meant to be doing a smoke tour in June, visiting ten locations across the UK with free weed and live music, but that will now have to be postponed for now. I’ll be putting out the news dates and a few nes locations as soon as it’s confirmed. My debut music release will also be out later this year which explains exactly what’s going on – it’s gonna be big.

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