Hospital staff are stealing medical masks

Donald Trump made an unfounded claim that hospitals have been stealing masks, despite US states demanding more medical supplies to manage the coronavirus pandemic.

“How do you go from 10 to 20 to 300,000? 10 to 20,000 masks, to 300,000 even though this is different? Something is going on, and you ought to look into it as reporters. Are they going out the back door?”

LONDON: A Clapham thief who stole face masks from a south London hospital has been jailed for three months. Lerun Hussain, 34, pleaded guilty to theft .

Also.. AN ambulance service worker has been arrested for stealing face masks to sell online for exorbitant prices. The man in his 20s is accused of taking other protective items from medical centres across north London.

TEXAS: Officials with the El Paso Police Department said they arrested a hospital warehouse employee for allegedly stealing N-95 masks. Officers arrested 57-year-old Eduardo Salas on Saturday after he was caught placing boxes of N-95 masks into the trunk of his car.

FRANCE: 2,000 surgical masks stolen from French hospital. Around 2,000 surgical masks have been stolen from a hospital in the southern French city of Marseille in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak.

NEW YORK: A hospital worker in upstate New York has been accused of stealing a box of face masks and alcohol prep pads from the facility.

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