David Icke banned from Youtube.


The BBC Say:

YouTube has deleted the conspiracy theorist David Icke’s official channel from its platform. The Google-owned video clip service acted after repeatedly warning Mr Icke that he had violated its policies by posting misleading information about the coronavirus pandemic.

Express & Star Say:

YouTube have deleted conspiracy theorist David Icke’s account. The video-sharing site said the 68-year-old violated its policies on sharing information about coronavirus.

Sky News Say:

Facebook has removed a page belonging to conspiracy theorist David Icke after he spread unsubstantiated stories about COVID-19. Icke, who has said the world is run by reptiles and the Royal Family are lizards, has claimed 5G is linked to coronavirus. The video in which he reportedly made that comment was later removed from YouTube.

Independent Say:

Conspiracy theorist David Icke has had his main Facebook page deleted amid mounting calls for social media companies to combat “dangerous misinformation”. Icke, a former sports commentator, is a vocal backer of the conspiracy theory that 5G technology spreads coronavirus, which has prompted a wave of attacks on engineers and masts.

We Say:

The news talks rubbish, the truth is being suppressed so stay alert.

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